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Elite Dangerous Glossary

A quick guide for some of the terms & acronyms of Elite Dangerous.

Term Description
84 1984 - year when original Elite was released; also “Class of 84” - players of the original game)
AI Artificial Intelligence - could be referring to a NPC
AFM Automatic Field Maintenance
BBC or Beeb Refers to the BBC Micro computer that the original 1980's Elite ran on
Breadbin 1990s/2000s nickname given to David Braben by Elite/Frontier fans
c The speed of light; used in super cruise speed read outs (e.g. 0.11c, 25.6c)
CC Command Capital - unit of resource used in Power play meta-game
CMDR Commander
CQC Close Quarter Championship - also Close Quarter Combat
DB David Braben (also DBOBE - David Braben - Order of the British Empire)
DSS Detailed Surface Scanner - used during exploration
ED Elite Dangerous
Elite 4 Speculated/pre-announcement name for Elite Dangerous since late 1990s
FA Flight Assist
FD or FDEV Frontier Developments
FE2 Frontier Elite 2, predecessor to FFE
FFE Frontier First Encounters, predecessor to Elite Dangerous
Freeagle The Free Eagle that Mercenary Edition owners receive in-game
FSD Frame Shift Drive
GPP Game Preview Program (for XBox One)
HOTAS Hands On Throttle And Stick - joystick & throttle controls
HUD Heads-Up Display
Interdict Intercept/stop - used to describe when another ship pulls you out of super cruise
KM or K/M Keyboard & mouse controls, or kilometer (1,000m)
LY Light Year - the distance light can travel in one year (9.4605284 × 1012km)
Ls Light Second - the distance light can travel in one second (299,792.458km)
m Metres - smallest unit of measurement in Elite Dangerous displayed when very close to targets
Mm Megameteres - 1,000,000 metres
Nerf Used to describe something being made less effective for game balance - e.g. 'Trade has been nerfed'
NPC A non-player commander/character; an AI-controlled player.
PC A player/human commander/character.
Pip A unit of power to distribute to your systems
PvP Player vs Player activities, e.g. combat
RES Resource Extraction Site
SC Super cruise (or Star Citizen, a similar game to Elite Dangerous)
SRV Surface Recon Vehicle
USS Unidentified Signal Source