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Elite Dangerous - Sidewinder

Manufacturer Faulcon de Lacy

A small fighter, the sidewinder is the “default” ship that you can get for free as part of your in-game insurance policy if you have no credits left. Although it is free, the sidewinder is one of the most agile ships in Elite Dangerous (bettered only by the Eagle), and offers superb cockpit-visibility which is useful when dogfighting.

It is suitable for some basic trading and fighting, but the low cargo count of 4 units means that profits will be low and it make take a while before being able to trade up to a ship such as the Hauler

As the sidewinder is “free”, it represents a handy way to safely bounty hunt or P2P as there is essentially zero risk as even if you are destroyed in battle, you can always recover the same ship for free. This is of course balanced by the limited hard points and capacity to contain scooped cargo.