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Elite Dangerous Fuel


Star ports and fuel outposts in Elite Dangerous allow you to refuel your ship. If you run out of fuel though you have a reserve tank, however a fine will be levied if you use this tank and you will be forced to refuel at your next station. Additionally if you have friendly ships near by you can do a ship-to-ship fuel transfer.

Fuel has different qualities, both higher and lower than the “standard fuel” commonly available. The quality of the fuel will affect consumption and hyperspace range.

Fuel Scooping

Like in older games, fuel scooping again allow you to recover usable fuel from gas giants and stars that can be used to replenish both your emergency reserve as well as the main tanks.

The quality of this scooped fuel is not always the same quality that can be bought from ports and outposts though.

Fuel Consumption

Your ship's power plant will use a small amount of fuel to power your craft. In normal operation this fuel consumption is quite low, but it will increase considerably during super cruise.

Hyperspace jumps use up significant amounts of fuel.