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Introduced Retail 1.2

The Vulture is a powerful multi-role ship that although considered a “small” ship (in terms of landing pad size), offers two large hard points meaning that it can pack a considerable amount of firepower making it an excellent choice for combat-oriented activities.

While comparing favorably against larger ships, the Vulture is easily out maneuvered by nimbler comparable ships such as the Viper Mk. lII or Cobra Mk. III, and the smaller fighters such as the Eagle can quite literally run rings around it. This weakness can easily be countered by fitting gimbaled weapons, and the powerful options available on the large hardpoints mean that smaller craft will not have much of an opportunity to out-maneuver you before being destroyed.

The hard points are mounted slightly behind the cockpit on the “wedge” of the front half of the ship, meaning gimbaled and turreted weapons have a wide arc of fire.