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Elite Dangerous - Lakon Type-6

Manufacturer Lakon Spaceways

A medium-sized trader in Elite Dangerous, the Lakon Type-6 is a good step up from the Cobra for traders offering almost 3 times as much cargo space and significantly longer hyperspace jump range.

The Type-6 offers excellent visibility when docking and landing due to its large glass cockpit and surprisingly fast boost speeds (two-stage boost in the Type-6, first to about 260, then a second time up to 350), but only has two hard points meaning this is not a ship to take into more dangerous trade routes (although you might be able to out-run a lot of ships).

It is also prone to building up a large amount of heat - two hyperspace jumps back to back will see you hitting approx 180% heat which means you need to wait to cool down before trying to do much else. This could make you vulnerable if interdicted.