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Rare Goods

Rare Commodities or Rare Goods in Elite Dangerous are special trade goods that can only be purchased from one place and are in short supply (often only a few units available at once per commander meaning that you cannot just wait around for more to become available).

These rare goods are unique because they increase in value the further you take them from their source of origin.

The graph on the right shows the general trend in how the payout (on the Y axis) changes depending on distance (X axis). Using the example of Lavian Brandy that costs about 4,000 credits, we can see that at about 70 to LY from the source, the price you can get for this rare good rises rapidly until it tops out at about 120 to 140LY away from the source. Although this data was for Lavian Brandy, all other rare goods follow the same trend.

As you can see, the profits can be potentially huge - it has been reported of profits of up to 16,000 credits per unit of Lavian Brandy at 140LY+, with some commanders finding routes between two different sources of rare goods meaning they can take goods back in both directions for huge profits.

Personal Quota

Retail 1.02 introduced changes such that for each rare good you have a personal quota - once you have met this quota you will not be able to buy any more.

For example, say you wanted Altarian Skin from the station Solo Orbiter:

  • When you docked there were 6 tonnes available which you purchased.
  • This left the supply indication in the commodities market as “0 High” indicating that although there are none available right now, you have not yet met your quota.
  • Some time later you came back and purchased another 4 tonnes, taking you up to 10 total.
  • This purchase left the supply indication blank which indicates that your have met your quota for this product and, for you, there is no more supply available.
  • You can infer from this that your quota for this rare good was 10 units, but it may be different for others and there is no way of knowing ahead of time.

It is not the case that you have to sell what you have before you buy more - you can, but only up to your quota, and the resupply times for the station can be very long.

As such the best tactic now is to find several sources of rare goods close to each other to collect different types of rare goods before heading off for your 140LY journey to sell them. Currently a good place to do this is Lave-Diso-Leesti-Zaonce where there are 5 types of rare goods available from 4 stations all about 10LY from each other.

Known Rare Goods

System Station Goods
39 Tauri Porta Tauri Chimes
Aegaeon Schweikart Station Chateau De Aegaeon
Alacarakmo Weyl Gateway Alacarakmo Skin Art
Altair Solo Orbiter Altairian Skin
Anduliga Celsius Estate Anduliga Fire Works
Any Na Libby Orbital Any Na Coffee
Arouca Shipton Orbital Arouca Conventula Sweets
Banki Parsons Vista Banki Amphibious Leather
Bast White Hart Lane Bast Snake Gin
Belalans Boscovich Ring Belalans Ray Leather
CD-75 661 Kirk Dock CD-75 Kitten Brand Coffee
Chi Eridani Steve Masters station Chi Eridani Marine Paste
Damna Nemere Market Damna Carapaces
Delta Phoenicis Trading Post Delta Phoenicis Palms
Diso Shifnalport Diso Ma Corn
Eleu Finney Dock Eleu Thermals
Epsilon Indi Mansfield Orbiter Indi Bourbon
Eranin Azeban City Eranin Whiskey
Eshu Shajn Terminal Eshu Umbrellas
Esuseku Savinykh Orbital Esuseku Caviar
Ethgreze Bloch Station Ethgreze Tea Buds
Fujin Futen Starport Fujin Tea
Geras Yurchikhin Port Gerasian Gueuze Beer
George Pantazis Zakam Platform Pantaa Prayer Sticks
Goman Gustav Sporer Port Goman Yaupon Coffee
Haiden Searfoss Enterprise Haidne Black Brew
Havasupai Lovelace Port Havasupai Dream Catcher
Hecate RJH1972 Live Hecate Sea Worms
Heike Brunel City Ceremonial Heike Tea
Helvetitj Friend Orbital Helvetitj Pearls
HIP 41181 Andersson Station HIP Proto-Squid
HR 7221 Veron City HR 7221 Wheat
Jaroua Mccool City Jaroua Rice
Kamitra Hammel Terminal Kamitra Cigars
Karetii Sinclair Platform Karetii Couture
Kongga Laplace Ring Kongga Ale
Lave Lave Station Lavian Brandy
Leesti George Lucas Leestian Evil Juice
Leesti George Lucas Azure Milk
LHS 3447 Bluford Orbital Galactic Travel Guides
Momus Reach Tartarus Point Momus Bog Spaniel
Mulachi Clark Terminal Mulachi Giant Fungus
Njangari Lee Hub Njangari Saddles
Orrere Sharon Lee Free Market Orrerian Vicious Brew
Rapa Bao Flagg Gateway Rapa Bao Snake Skins
Rusani Fernandes Market Rusani Old Smokey
Sothis Newholm Station Sothis Crystalline Gold
Thrutis Kingsbury Dock Thrutis Cream
Toxandji Tsunenaga Orbital Toxandji Virocide
Uszaa Guest Installation Uszaian Tree Grub
Uzumoku Sevrdup Ring Uzumoku Low-G Wings
Vanayequi Clauss Hub Vanayequi Ceratomorpha Fur
Vega Taylor City Vega Slimweed
Wuthielo Ku Tarter Dock Wuthielo Ku Froth
Xihe Zhen Dock Xihe Biomorphic Companions
Yaso Kondi Wheeler Market Yaso Kondi Leaf
Zaonce Ridley Scott Leathery Eggs
Zeessze Nicollier Hanger Zeessze Ant Grub Glue