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Elite Dangerous Rank and Reputation

Elite Rating

Like previous games in the series, Elite Dangerous has an Elite Rating. New to Elite Dangerous is the concept of Trading Rank and Exploration Rank - these additional rating scales give you two new ways to gain the coveted Elite rating in addition to normal combat wins. Just like the normal Elite rating, they are on a 9 point scale.

Each commander will progress through each scale independently as they play the game, for example if you concentrate on trading, you might get to Elite as a trader, but your combat or exploration rating might remain at harmless/aimless because you haven't done much combat or exploration.

Combat Rank Combat Profit Trade Rank Trade Profit Explorer Rank Exploration Profit CQC Rank CQC Profit
Harmless 0 Penniless 0 Aimless 0 Helpless ?
Mostly Harmless 250K Mostly Penniless ? Mostly Aimless ? Mostly Helpless ?
Novice 500K Peddler 500K Scout 125k? Amateur ?
Competent 2M Dealer 2M Surveyor 250K? Semi Professional ?
Expert 4M Merchant 5M Trailblazer 1M Professional ?
Master ? Broker 30M / 25000 1) Pathfinder ? Champion ?
Dangerous ? Entrepreneur ? Ranger ? Hero ?
Deadly ? Tycoon ? Pioneer ? Legend ?
Elite ? Elite ? Elite ? Elite ?

N.B. the winners of the “Race to Elite” competition had about 8500 kills and about 850,000 tonnes of goods traded (average time played about 1000 hours)

The trading and exploration ratings are both based on profits made from trade and selling exploration data, whilst the normal Elite rating comes from profits made from turning in bounty and warzone vouchers, as well as assassinations.

As you take missions from the different navies you will gain rank in those forces.

Federal Navy Rank Missions System Permit Awarded Vessel Unlocked Imperial Navy Rank Missions System Permit Awarded Vessel Unlocked
None 0 None 0
Recruit 1 Outsider 1 Imperial Eagle
Cadet 2 Serf 2
Midshipman 3 Federal Dropship Master 3 Imperial Courier
Petty Officer 4 Sol, Beta Hydri Squire 4 Achenar
Chief Petty Officer 5 Vega Federal Assault Ship Knight 5
Warrant Officer 6 PLX 695 Lord 6
Ensign 7 Ross 128 Federal Gunship Baron 7 Summerland Imperial Clipper
Lieutenant 8 Exbeur Viscount 8
Lt Commander 9 Count 9
Post Commander 10 Hors Earl 10 Facece
Post Captain 11 Marquis 11
Rear Admiral 12 Federal Corvette Duke 12 Imperial Cutter
Vice Admiral 13 Prince 13
Admiral 14 King 14


In addition to rank Elite Dangerous also introduces reputation. Each of the major blocs in the game, as well as individual systems, will hold a reputation score for each commander.

Faction Reputation Standing
Hostile - -
Unfriendly -
None 0
Friendly +
Allied + +

This reputation defaults to 0, and can go both above and below zero depending on your reputation. Your reputation will affect the cost of certain station services, and some stations won't even let you dock if your reputation is not appropriate! Also, outfitters will have more modules available if you're Allied, and military rank requirements for ships (currently the Federal Dropship and the Imperial Clipper) will be lower.

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