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Elite Dangerous Power Blocs & Major Factions

In addition to the Powers, there are also major factions.

The Federation

Democracy and Wealth

The Federation society appears to be based on democratic principles with leaders being voted to power.

In reality, corporate loyalty oils the machine, and Federation space is a battleground of commerce. Commercial organizations compete as aggressively as the law will allow for the time and attention of the Federal citizen, who goes through life bombarded by advertising.

Corruption is not unusual - and considered as “getting one over the system”. Social class is determined between “haves” and “have-nots”. There is much poverty, as well as conspicuous wealth.

The huge gross domestic product (GDP) of the Federation economy funds a large, well-equipped Federal Navy which projects its values and influence.

Culturally the Federation is tolerant of some things (like religions) but utterly intolerant of drug-taking, political activism, and certain cultures. A great many things are illegal, like slavery, cloning and certain narcotics.

The Empire

Reputation and Honour

Originally founded by Marlin Duval, who led the colonization of the Achenar system in the mid 23rd century, the Empire is based on a “cliens” system much like ancient Rome.

Society is strictly stratified, with people being able to move between strata based on money, patronage and influence.

The Empire values both status and honour very highly indeed. So, whilst it is acceptable to flaunt wealth, treating people well is a question of honour - and this includes slaves. Having an unpaid debt is seen as utterly dishonourable - an honourable Imperial citizen would sell themselves into slavery to clear a debt they couldn't otherwise afford.

Law is seen and enforced very differently in the Empire. Senators are responsible for enforcing the Emperor's laws, but the Senators themselves are above the law. They can order executions, and can even kill people themselves, though sometimes (rarely) they may be held to account for their actions by the Emperor.

In the Empire very little is illegal, but many things are frowned upon, like excessive use of narcotics.

The Alliance

Diversity and Unity

The Independent Alliance of Systems was formed from a number of independent systems with a unified goal - to gain strength in numbers and ultimately defend, where necessary, against the big powers of The Federation and The Empire.

The Alliance Defense Force is strong and unified, made up of allied naval forces from independent systems. With powers to act swiftly without government approval over the years, there has been little disagreement between the Council of Admirals who lead it.

Vessels of the Alliance generally bear the decals of their own navy, but display an additional Alliance Defense Force decal while operating with the unified naval force.

The Independent Alliance is culturally very varied, with the leadership changing annually around its member systems who often struggle to agree on principles. But while they may be diverse in ideology and culture, they share a mutual interest in safeguarding against the Federation's plans and the Empire's intents.